IntelliWheels Inc, based in Champaign, Ill, introduces Fit Grips handrim grips.

According to the company’s website, Fit Grips, which are placed on the outside of the hand rim, are built to increase the circumference of one’s hand to help improve the hand’s grip on the rim and help decrease hand strain while pushing a wheelchair.

The Fit Grips stretch to securely fit any standard 24-inch, 25-inch, or 26-inch hand rim. They wrap only ¾ of the way around the rim to leave the underside exposed for fine adjustments and braking.

Two types of Fit Grips are available, per the website.

Fit Grips – PRO are made from high-endurance rubber, and are designed for active indoor/outdoor use, and for ultralight wheelchairs.

Fit Grips – COMFORT are made from extra soft rubber and are designed for use in the home, and for standard wheelchairs.

Each type of Fit Grip is available in three colors—jet black, Caribbean blue water, or red tulip—and each package comes in a set of two Fit Grips.

For more information, visit IntelliWheels Inc.

[Source: IntelliWheels Inc]