Nearly all Americans who use a wheelchair on a daily basis, whether it be due to chronic diseases, medical conditions, illnesses, or birth defects, could benefit from a chair that provides more mobility and independence, rather than their current stationary and motor wheelchairs and electric scooters, Velochair opines in a media release.

A Possible Solution

Kenneth Simons, founder of Velochair Company LLC and creator of the Velochair mobility chair, thinks he has a solution for those patients. After being diagnosed with Ossification Posterior Longitudinal Ligament (OPLL) in his early 50s, he created the Velochair mobility chair in response to the lack of options he saw in the market that could fully utilize his abilities.

“The Velochair mobility chair is unique in that it operates indoors and outdoors and can be propelled with as little as one leg and one arm.

“It provides flexibility to those who struggle with walking due to their balance or strength. Through ProMatura’s study, we see there is a wide-ranging market for those that want to stay as independent as possible in their lives.”

— Kenneth Simons

The Velochair mobility chair features the following:

  1. The ability to provide an exercise of the legs to individuals who have limited movement.
  2. A very easy ability to move at your own pace: all that is required to move the Velochair is 10 pounds of push on just one leg.
  3. A secure seat that prevents individuals with balance or dizziness from falling.
  4. The steering handles do not require use of the fingers, hand strength, or grip, they can be pushed by any portion of the hand or arm.
  5. The chair folds and is fully adjustable to the users’ size and comfort.

A study from ProMatura suggests that 89% of current wheelchair users have the physical ability to use a mobile wheelchair device, the release continues.

“We identified every cause that reduces or eliminates the ability for someone to walk, but is likely to leave the individual with at least one usable leg and arm. Medical professionals should be aware that the vast majority of their wheelchair patients could benefit from a chair where they can maximize their limited ability to move.

“We also expect the market to grow even more than projections indicate due to the number of people who rely on canes and walkers for mobility, as a chair with mobility could offer a much better user experience to stay active.”

— ,” said Dr. Margaret Wylde, President and CEO at ProMatura Group LLC

[Source(s): Velochair, PR Newswire]