Invacare Corporation announces the launch of its new TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair with LiNX Technology and Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx Positioning System.

The TCDX SP2 Power Wheelchair combined with LiNX Technology and Ultra Low Maxx Power Positioning System is a game changer for wheelchair clients, providers, and therapists,” says Brian LaDuke, VP of rehab marketing at Invacare, in a media release from Elyria, Ohio-headquartered Invacare Corporation.

“The tried and true TDX base is better than ever with numerous improvements, and combining it with the revolutionary LiNX Technology Platform transforms what rehab means, today and beyond,” he continues.

SureStep, Stability Lock, and patented G-trac tracking technology work together for driving performance, and DuraWatt motors are designed to resist water ingress.

LiNX Technology is featured across a full lineup of drive controls ranging from simple drive-only remotes (REM110) to a remote with a sleek, Enhanced Rehabilitation Touch Screen (REM400) or Standalone Display Module (REM500), the release continues.

Via LiNX technology, providers and therapists to fine-tune the power wheelchair’s speed, torque, and veer in real time using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

In addition, using the MyLiNX user app, users have access to critical information regarding their wheelchair, such as battery and provider contact data. Using the MyLiNX Provider Portal, providers can diagnose problems remotely, such as triggered fault codes, battery performance, and motor status, which may help reduce calls and trips.

Another feature, Adaptive Load Compensation, electronically balances drive wheels and individual motors for the life of the chair to not only improve driving performance but also eliminate the need to tune motors and allow replacement of only the affected motor, not both, per the release.

For more information, visit Invacare Corporation.

[Source: Invacare Corporation]