Q’Straint debuts the the Q’STRAINT ONE system, an all-in-one wheelchair securement solution that aims to standardize and shorten the securement process.

In a transportation fleet, every vehicle could potentially have a different securement system, making the technical job of securing passengers even more difficult for the driver. Q’STRAINT ONE aims to address this issue by offering a way to standardize securement – the ONE Approach, according to the company.

By predefining the wheelchair position, Q’STRAINT ONE eliminates the areas of uncertainty in retractor positioning or the risk of mismatching tiedowns. The Q’STRAINT ONE is a fully integrated system tested to the higher loads of the WC18 standard with heavy, modern wheelchairs. Equipped with visuals and auditory indicators, transportation agencies can now standardize their approach to both passenger securement and operator training, a media release notes.

“The Q’STRAINT ONE system is a state-of-the-art technology for wheelchair securement safety, and it will assist TransNet with our efficiencies considering that securement time is cut in half. Also, the relationship between the driver and the passenger will improve as there will be less awkward moments during the securement process.”

–Susan Kopystecki, Executive Director at TransNet

Q’STRAINT ONE is designed to fit within the vehicle’s subfloor. The system is enclosed within a compact platform, enabling an installation that is limited to only six fasteners. It offers a strong tie-down solution while still meeting ADA standards and reducing the total wheelchair position weight by 20%, per the release.

[Source(s): Q’STRAINT, PR Newswire]