An addition to Indoor Farms of America’s farm model is a Container Farm that is specially designed for operation by those utilizing wheeled mobility.

“This farm, at a capacity of 4,550 plants, has higher yield potential than any other container farm, using our unique vertical equipment, which we have customized to be operated 100% from the position of a wheelchair.  Every task, from daily record keeping, farm monitoring, seedling tray preparation, transplanting and harvesting, every aspect is operable by a disabled person who still has the use of their arms and hands, with certain tools we use in the farm,” states David Martin, co-founder and CEO of Las Vegas-based Indoor Farms of America LLC, in a media release.

According to Martin, the company is finalizing designs for an automated feature that will make the farm even easier to operate, and will announce its production readiness soon.

For more information, visit Indoor Farms of America.

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