Aquila Corporation
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Phone: (866) 782-9658
Product: SofTech Seating System
The SofTech is a customized alternating cushion system available from Aquila Corporation. This custom fabricated, alternating cushion system is specifically built to help treat existing pressure injury and prevent new injury. The SofTech is engineered to automatically change pressure distribution 60 times per hour. This automatic action provides pressure relief that is essential in the prevention of pressure sores. User-specific offloads under existing pressure sores allow healing of the sores. An optional integrated fan cools and dries the skin to assist healing. For the user’s convenience, all system components are integrated into the cushion base so there is no separate control box to mount.

There are three firmness selections based on the client’s weight. Safety features include low pressure and low battery alarms. A side panel on the SofTech cushion features a convenient battery charging port and firmness adjustment switch that beeps to indicate the firmness setting. The latest smart innovation to the SofTech is the automatic start/stop feature that activates the cushion only after the user sits and turns it off when the client transfers off. HCPCS Code: E2609. The SofTech is custom sized and made to be suitable for all clients from pediatric to bariatric since there is no weight limit. Incontinence covers, lumbar cushions, and pelvic positioning pads are also offered. An additional warranty beyond the 18-month factory warranty can be purchased. MSRP: $4,300.

Ki Mobility
Phone: (800) 981-1540
Product: Axiom Seat Cushions
Axiom Seat Cushions from Ki Mobility are designed to be durable, comfortable, and functional. Constructed with high-quality foam and viscoelastic or fluid inserts in pre-contoured shapes, the cushions fit a wide range of sizes and needs. The foams are high IFD and high density while the fluid components are lightweight and non-temperature sensitive. The high-end cover features water-resistant zippers and breathable fabrics that stretch to accommodate the surface tension reducing aspects of the foam design. Axiom seat cushions accommodate users with sizes ranging from 14 inches wide to 22 inches wide, and 14 inches deep to 22 inches deep. Hexagonal-shaped surface structures in the well of each cushion are designed to decrease surface tension while encouraging immersion and envelopment of the ischial and coccyx areas of the pelvis. HCPCS codes for Axiom Cushions are E2601, E2602; E2603, E2604; E2605, E2606; E2607, E2608. Replacement inner and outer covers as well as solid seat inserts are available. MSRP: Ranges from $120 to $575.

Motion Concepts LP
Phone: (888) 433-6818
Products: Invacare Matrx PS/PSP Cushions
Matrx PS cushions from Motion Concepts LP are designed to provide excellent positioning, stability, and comfort. They are constructed with anatomically molded HR foam and include Ultrafresh for advanced infection control and odor protection. The waffled relief area allows ischial immersion with offloading to the hips which, along with the rear cushion radius and waterfall front edge, help maintain optimal postural support. These ultra-lightweight cushions are made to require zero maintenance and are offered with a Startex zippered inner liner and a reversible Startex outer cover, complete with hook and loop fasteners on both sides. PSP cushions have all the same design features as the PS models, but include a molded-in gridded polymer layer in the pelvic relief area. This extra layer of protection helps reduce shear and provides a cooling effect for improved comfort and skin protection. Available in pediatric (8″ to 14″ wide; 150-pound weight capacity), adult (16″ to 20″ wide; 300-pound weight capacity), and bariatric (up to 30″ wide; 600-pound weight capacity) sizes. Features include Ultra-fresh anti-microbial foam additive for advanced infection control, as well as an inner zippered Startex cover compatible with disinfecting wipes. Startex reversible outer cover can be used fabric side out or smooth side out for extra moisture protection. HCPCS Codes: PS — E2605/06; PSP — E2607; PSP bariatric – E2608. MSRP: PS: $345; PS bariatric stock sizes: $545; PSP: $395; PSP bariatric stock sizes: $595 Optional accessories: Pelvic Obliquity Kit, Cushion Rigidizer, and Spare Cover.

PinDot Custom Seating
Product: PinDot Customized Specialized Molded Seating Systems
The CLIP, “Color Laser Imaging by Pin Dot,” puts the process of custom mold image capturing in the clinician’s hands using a laser camera attached to a tablet to scan and capture the shape and send it to PinDot. As a fully customized seating system designed specifically for each end user, PinDot utilizes combinations of foam, gel, and air technologies for support, pressure distribution, and comfort. Seat and back platforms may be constructed using plywood or aluminum base materials to build upon. Plywood base materials also incorporate “T” nuts that are fastened to the wood and used in the attachment installation of all hardware. When aluminum is the platform of choice, then all hardware is fastened directly to the aluminum base. Support surfaces are manufactured using molding technology and may be constructed by using a combination of several types of foam. The company also utilizes various “overlay” foams for added pressure distribution and comfort as well as gel and air technologies in specific locations typically associated with pressure and a high risk for skin breakdown. PinDot may be installed on many Invacare or Freedom wheelchairs and delivered together as one package. HCPCS Codes: Seats: E2609, Backs: E2617. Pricing varies upon prescription requirements.

Stealth Products/Quantum Rehab
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Phone: (866) 800-2002
Product: TRU-Comfort 2 SPP seat cushion
The TRU-Comfort 2 SPP seat cushion from Stealth Products/Quantum Rehab has a specially formulated molded foam base for optimal lower extremity and pelvic alignment. The TRU-Comfort 2 SPP seat cushion provides comfortable and contoured skin protection and positioning to meet low- and high-profile positioning needs. It features a CoolCore, 4-way stretch, breathable cover. Available in sizes 14″x14″ up to 24″x24″ with odd sizes in 17″ and 19″. SOF is available. Weight capacities are 350 pounds for 14″ to 21″ width and 450 pounds for 22″ width and greater. Accommodates pediatric, adult, bariatric, custom sizing. CoolCore technology is exclusive to Stealth Products and designed to wick moisture away from the body to help keep the user dry and comfortable, no matter the season or situation. Polyurethane fluid proof liners and ACM rigidizer solid base are available. HCPCS codes: E2607/E2608. MSRP: TRU-Comfort 2 SPP Cushion, 14″-21″ wide: $400; TRU-Comfort 2 SPP Cushion, 22″ wide and greater: $500; TRU-Comfort SPP Cushion, special order: $550 – $610.

Ride Designs/Aspen Seating
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Phone: (866) 781-1633
Products: Ride Custom 2 and Custom AccuSoft Cushions, Ride Java Cushion, Ride Forward Cushion
Ride Designs’ foam cushion designs are built to safely support parts of the body that can tolerate contact, while offloading or reducing pressure around at-risk bony prominences. The Java Cushion accommodates adult clients while the Forward Cushion accommodates pediatric and adult clients. Ride Custom 2 and AccuSoft Cushions are custom molded and made specifically for an individual so they can accommodate all user groups. The Forward Cushion is built to reduce pressure around at-risk bony prominences as well as prevent hips from sliding in the seat. It is engineered to maintain performance in extreme temperatures. The Java Cushion’s contour is designed to work by redistributing the forces of pressure and shear away from high-risk areas, while selectively applying the forces to areas more tolerant, with accessories to optimize fit. The Custom 2 Cushion is made to match an individual’s unique shape, be extremely lightweight, and redistribute the forces of pressure and shear away from high-risk areas while selectively applying the forces to areas more tolerant. This cushion is designed to be growable and has a 90-day fit and function guarantee. Custom AccuSoft Cushions are made specifically to match an individual’s unique shape with a softer foam for a forgiving seating surface. Each product has accessories available for increased skin and positioning support.

Customer service includes real-time, virtual technical support and reimbursement support at no additional charge. Forward and Java Cushions usually ship within 1 business day while Custom Cushions ship within 12 business days. HCPCS codes: Forward, E2607; Java, E2424; Custom 2 and Custom AccuSoft, E2609. MSRP: Forward Cushion $425, Java Cushion $475, Ride Custom 2 begins at $1,614, Ride Custom AccuSoft begins at $1,970.

Stealth Products
Phone: (512) 715-9995
Product: Seating and Positioning
Stealth is a US manufacturer with 22 years of experience in the rehab market. Launched in 1999, Stealth Products began in response to a need for versatile, high-quality head and neck positioning systems, as well as switch-site location hardware. Over the last 22 years, Stealth has placed an emphasis on adding innovative and high-quality products to its expanding line. Due to the industry’s growing needs, Stealth’s product line now includes alternative driving controls, head and body support/positioning, joystick mounts, trays, seating, and pediatric mobility products. The company continues to work on bringing the latest technologies to its alternative drive platform with the ever-expanding training tools of VR and Loonz. Stealth also has begun to introduce more products from Mo-Vis, which will begin to launch this summer. During the pandemic, Stealth launched its new line of UniLink mounting system components. UniLink began as an improvement to the current TWB family of products. The UniLink components are interchangeable and compatible throughout configurations. This allows components to be built that fit specific needs by combining links to create custom configurations. Stealth has also expanded its line of back supports. The Q-back 2.0 offers a wide range of sizes with an improved shell and materials. The custom seating portfolio has also expanded to include the TFB Flex and TFB Contour back supports. These are adjustable and ergonomic, with an appearance designed to be sleek and clean. The Tarta back offers a flexible spine within its modular design, providing lightweight support with a variety of hardware applications.

Sunrise Medical
Phone: (800) 333-4000
Products: JAY Fusion with Cryo Technology
The JAY Fusion with Cryo Technology cushion from Sunrise Medical features a JAY Fusion base and a CryoFluid insert. The contoured closed-cell foam base has a soft contoured top layer for additional positioning and comfort, and includes an inner cover with an AquaGuard moisture-resistant zipper and anti-wicking thread. Three cover options are available: Stretch, Reverse Dartex, and 3DX Microclimatic. JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology was developed to address not only pressure and shear, but take skin protection seating a step further, addressing temperature and moisture. Cooling the skin surface temperature naturally reduces the potential moisture associated with localized perspiration at the surface between the cushion and user. JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology was designed for those who use their wheelchair for extended periods of time throughout the day. Adult and Bariatric sizes: 14″ to 22″ widths accommodate up to 300 lbs; 22″ widths accommodate up to 500 lbs. JAY Fluid with Cryo begins working immediately and was engineered to mildly cool the skin within a therapeutic temperate range of 28°C – 35°C (82.4°F – 95°F), effectively lowering the risk of skin breakdown. HCPCS Codes: E2622, E2623, E2624, E2625. MSRP: starts at $550.

Symmetric Designs Ltd
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Phone: (800) 537-1724
Product: Free Form Seating
Free Form Seating from Symmetric Designs Ltd provides a unique custom seating solution designed to change with an individual’s postural needs. As a person’s weight fluctuates, as they develop a need for more or less support, and as young people grow, this custom seating solution is engineered to adapt. Free Form Seating is built to be a true custom seating system that can be fitted and changed anywhere and at any time. This product line was created with the aim of providing a truly revolutionary approach to custom seating. Backrest Kits are available in eight sizes and include everything needed to make a custom fitted support (shell, cover, tool, hardware). Back Kits can be an excellent solution for individuals affected by a kyphosis, scoliosis, or for those who need a low-profile, intimately contoured support. No chunky foam, no mess, no carving: simply adjust the shape with a tool. HCPCS codes E2617 and E2609. The new Free Form Seating app is also available and can be downloaded to configure a custom Back Kit from a phone or tablet.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (617) 464-4500 / (800) 248-3669
Product: CONFORMat
Tekscan’s CONFORMat is a portable pressure mapping system designed to identify and quantify areas of high pressure in the back and seat, so therapists know exactly how well the pressure is distributed in their patients. It can be used to validate cushion selections, identify unseen asymmetries, aid in custom seating development, and provide patients with clear visual feedback. The system is designed to provide data on peak pressures and contact areas in real time to help therapists visualize the effect of adjustments. It can also help identify pelvic asymmetries by allowing therapists to objectively compare weight distribution between right and left, and front and back. CONFORMat, which can be used with adults or children, is engineered to conform to the contours of the human body and to virtually eliminate hammocking, giving therapists accurate, objective data on pressure distribution in the seat and back. Cost for the system ranges from $6,175 to $16,995, depending on the number of sensors, hardware and software required. Customization choices include tethered or Wireless hardware, Clinical or enhanced Research software, and the addition of Video Synchronization software. Additionally, systems can be added that assess plantar pressure distribution, gait parameters, and/or prosthetic fit.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 822-3553 / (204) 949-7674
Product: BodiTrak2 PRO
Pressure mapping systems for seat, bed and custom applications; BodiTrak2 Lite Pressure mapping systems for seat; BodiTrak Smart sense and response control systems for seat and bed. The BodiTrak2 stretchable, portable and wireless pressure-sensing system from Vista Medical Inc, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is designed to provide powerful visualization and objective documentation of the seat, back or bed pressure interface, helping clinicians make effective equipment and treatment decision easily and quickly. Connect to a 5v battery pack and quickly view data on the device of your choice. The IoT devices are built with calibration, application and an operating system all on board the sensor and can be connected to a PC as well as to MacBook and Android devices. Full-featured PRO software can be used for complex rehab environments, and Lite software can be used for less complex rehab or monitoring functions. BodiTrak2 can be used with a wide range of patients wherever they sit, stand, or lie. It features smart controls designed to enable a true sense-and-respond capability to create real-time adaptive surfaces. HCPCS Codes: not applicable. MSRP ranges from $2,494 to $5,695.