Wilmington University states that the next installment of its Speaker Series on March 19 will feature former Congressman and primary author of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Tony Coelho. A news release from the university notes that the event will be hosted by its College of Business and take place from 6:00 to 7:30 pm in the Doberstein Admissions Center auditorium.

According to the release, Coelho’s discussion “The Fight for Disability Rights—Then and Now” will center on his involvement in authoring, sponsoring, and championing the ADA, which was signed into law in 1990. Coelho will also discuss where the law stands today.

Department of Health and Social Services Secretary Rita Landgraf, emphasizes her excitement in, “sharing Delware’s appreciation for all the good that the Americans with Disabilities Act has done and will do in the future with Congressman Coelho.”

Coelho received a diagnosis of epilepsy as a young man and was unable to enter the seminary, denied health insurance, lost his driver’s license, and was estranged from his family, the release notes. Coelho turned to politics and ultimately reached the highest levels of congress and became an advocate for Americans with disabilities.

Coelho states that he looks forward, “to greeting Secretary Landgraf and sharing recent developments in support of disabled individuals especially regarding disability law and its impact on national, state, and local policies with everyone who attends.”

The release states that since retiring from Congress in 1989, Coelho has served as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation. Coelho is also former chairman and current member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of People with disabilities.

The event is free. Register here

Photo Credit: Wilmington University

Source: Wilmington University