The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released a Request for Information (RFI), seeking nonprofits, private entities, and donor groups interested in partnership opportunities to build world-class healthcare facilities for America’s veterans.

The partnerships are becoming available via Public Law 114-294, the Communities Helping Invest through Property and Improvements Needed for Veterans Act of 2016. Also known as the “CHIP-IN Act,” this authorizes VA to accept donations from up to five non-federal entities to help fund and expedite the construction of health-care related capital projects.

The first CHIP-IN Act partner has already been established, and is helping to build a new Ambulatory Care Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Via the RFI release, VA is seeking the remaining four partnerships, explains a media release from the VA.

“Our strategic partnerships are one of many valuable tools that allow us to provide assistance to our Veterans,” says VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin, in the release. “Donations through the CHIP-IN Act will help us deliver health-care facilities for our Veterans in a faster, more cost-effective manner.”

According to the VA, donations must be: (1) real property that includes a constructed facility or that is to be used as the site of a facility constructed by the donor, or (2) a facility to be constructed by the donor on VA-controlled property.

Interested parties must respond to the RFI by January 15, 2018.

[Source: US Department of Veterans Affairs]