ActivaTek Inc is a new and an innovative Iontophoretic Drug Delivery Company based in Salt Lake City, formed by Jamal Yanaki, the companys president and CEO. Yanaki has more than 17 years of experience in developing and marketing medical device products for medical professionals and end users.

ActivaTek Inc prides itself on high quality products, safety, and effectiveness that provides the best value to its customers, Yanaki says. ActivaTek Inc is focused on the rehabilitation market and will continue to introduce new and innovative products to service the rehabilitation market and enhance patient care.

The emphasis on safety was a precondition to the founding of ActivaTek Inc. ActivaTek will not make products that do not exceed industry standards for safety, as well as efficacy, he says.

The Trivarion traditional Iontophoretic drug delivery system received FDA approval August 1, 2006, to deliver non-invasive ionic medicament through the skin. The Trivarion drug delivery electrodes are compatible with FDA cleared constant current iontophoresis.

The following topics were included in ActivaTeks formal risk assessment and risk management that governed the design evolution of the Trivarion iontophoresis electrode system. Safety was designed into the Trivarion electrodes: Moderating pH shifts due to hydrolysis; avoiding internal high current densities; and electrode conformability to various treatment sites.

Yanaki says there are several things that make Trivarion a unique Iontophoresis system:

Its shape easily conforms to numerous anatomical treatment sites.

Precise and maximum strength with a pH buffering capacity up to 80 mA*min.

Large surface areas for the active and ground electrodes.

Low impedance and a highly absorbent drug matrix.

Flexibility. Trivarion contours perfectly to difficult adhesion areas such as knuckles, fingers, foot, etc.

For more information about ActivaTek Inc, contact (800) 680-5520.

[SOURCE: ActivaTek, September 2006]