ActivaTek Inc, a drug delivery company located in Salt Lake City, Ut, announces the release of its Trivarion buffered iontophoretic drug delivery electrodes. Iontophoresis uses an electrical current to propel ionic solutions through the intact skin, making multiple hypodermic needle sticks obsolete.

We are very pleased that our customers are very satisfied with the Trivarion electrode. We listen to our clinicians, especially in the early stages of the design evolution, so that we can provide more effective and safe physical therapy products. Our customers are our guide. said Jamal Yanaki, president and CEO of ActivaTek Inc.

The drug transfer is extremely efficient. Even with doses of 80 mA*min there is minimal to no skin irritations regardless of the site being treated, says Jeff Deets PT, president and CEO of OrthoSports Physical Therapy, Las Vegas. The electrode shape is very adaptable to multiple parts of the body, with virtually no leakage of the drug. The adhesive does not roll off during treatment and can be removed and reapplied without any difficulties. I recommend it over any iontophoresis device out on the market place.

According to Eric Michaels, MSPT, Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling, West Virginia, Its unique shape and low profile makes it conform to numerous anatomical sites without difficulty or leakage. It is the best product to use on knuckles, fingers and other difficult body sites. The Trivarion electrode is extremely comfortable and conformable; I am impressed by the product performance and recommend the Trivarion electrode to my colleagues.

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