Mountway, a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of independent living solutions, has recently gained an exciting new customer for its Aquila bath lift, the respected Professor Stephen Hawking, CBE. Hawking’s scientific career spans more than 40 years and his books and public appearances have made him an academic celebrity and world-renowned theoretical physicist.

Author of bestseller, ‘A Brief History of Time,’ Hawking purchased one of Mountway’s most popular products, the Aquila reclining bath lift, which weighgs 9.6 kg, specifically for use while travelling.

It has a backrest that reclines at the touch of a button and is suited to users whose conditions may benefit from opening the seat-to-back angle. The compact product offers optional accessories, making it flexible for use by adults and children, and it is suitable for a variety of bath styles. Featuring a lightweight, flat-folding design, the lift can separate into two sections for space-saving storage and user-friendly transportability. It features a silver-based antimicrobial solution that protects against harmful bacteria and bathroom mold.

"The bath lift we had before was terribly heavy and very awkward," says Genevieve Hamlett, Hawking’s care manager. "With the Aquila, I can pack it in his suitcase, whereas the previous bath lift had to go separately on the plane and ended up breaking!"

Source: Mountway Limited

[Source: Medical News Today]