MedX Health Corp has signed an agreement with Richmar, a Compass Health Brands Company based in St Louis, to manufacture and supply selected Private Label Laser and Light products to Richmar for the US rehabilitation market, according to an announcement.

“We are very pleased that we are moving forward with Richmar. We believe their strong presence in the US, with a quality distribution network across the US, will help MedX open channels to our Therapeutic Laser products and contribute to revenue growth in this large and important marketplace,” says Scott Spearn, president & CEO of MedX, in a media release.

MedX will provide under Private Label a number of its laser and SLD based products to Richmar with other facilities located throughout the US, Spearn explains.

“We are ramping up production and are set to begin delivering our specified reliable, high-quality, Therapeutic Laser products that service physicians and clinicians,” he adds.

Target markets include physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other qualified healthcare professionals who wish to decrease pain and restore function to their patients.

“It is important to Richmar that we have the appropriate tools and technologies to assist these populations,” notes Ryan Moore, senior vice president, Therapy, at Richmar, in the release. “Our partnership with MedX will help ensure that we are equipped to provide clinicians with what they need to drive better outcomes and improve patients’ lives.”

[Source(s): MedX Health Corp, Business Wire]