Elite Rehabilitation Solutions, Audubon, Pa, has announced that it will be sponsoring a new course centered on vestibular rehabilitation slated for November 9 through November 10. A recent course brochure reports that the course, titled, “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Evidence Based Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of the Dizzy Patient,” will be held in Malvern, Pa, with course registration and pre-test beginning at 3:30 pm.

The course features a 1.5 onsite lecture/lab and 3.5 hours of online learning, the release notes. The course is intended to offer participants access to the latest evidence and foundation to efficiently evaluate and treat common peripheral, central, and non otologic vestibular disorders. Elite Rehabilitation Solutions adds that the course will focus on understanding vestibular anatomy, physiology, and pathopsychology to develop effective and evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Both a pre-test and post-test on the material will also be presented.

The course’s objectives reportedly seek to enable participants to identify pathologies linked to complaints of imbalance and dizziness, use case scenarios, interpret examination findings, and develop a clinical impression, treatment plan, and prognosis for patient outcomes and determine when appropriate referrals are required to other health care providers, agencies, or resources.

The release reports that course faculty includes Anne K. Galgon, PhD, MPT, NCS, assistant professor in the physical therapy program at Temple University and Elizabeth Grace Georgelos, MSPT, NCS, neuologic team leader, University of Pennsylvania Health System, prior to June 2008, and GSPP as of July 2008.

Michael J. Ruckenstein, MD, rounds out the faculty. Ruckenstein is a professor of otorhinolaryngology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn School of Medicine, director of the implantable hearing program and residency and training program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Source: Elite Rehabilitation Solutions