The Yuma Sun, Yuma, Ariz, reports on a new fitness center at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma that ratchets exercise up a notch.

Instead of just standard exercise fare, physical therapy is available for Marines and sailors recovering from injuries.

The physical therapy program helps injured personnel recover with specialized stretches, strength training, electroshock therapy, professional advice, and detailed recovery plans.

Before the center opened its doors in December 2010 Marines had to visit a medical clinic staffed with only one PT, necessitating some patients being referred off-station.

After Semper Fit acquired and updated the new center facility, therapy services were expanded.

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According to the Marine Corps’ Web site, some 4,000 active duty Marines and sailors are stationed at the aviation training base, which supports 80% of the Corps air-to-ground training.

[Source: Yuma Sun]