Magister Corporation, a Tennessee-based manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation and wellness products, has announced that it has signed a new agreement with RAPIDFORCE to become the master distributor for the company’s new Physio-Hybrid Shapes. This RAPIDFORCE line is used by athletes, individuals, physical therapists, and physical therapists to reduce pain, improve blood flow, promote healing, and improve joint stability.

According to a Magister news release, RAPIDFORCE products are made from a compression fabric, which produces a thicker and stronger product designed to move with the body in all directions and provide effective support to joints and muscles throughout the range of motion.

David Maley, president of Magister Corporation, says, “I am very excited about this partnership. We worked with a local PT clinic to test the products and were amazed with the patient results. We have been looking for another simple US-made product to add to our product line, and I believe we have found it.

Jeff Smith, president of RAPIDFORCE, sees the partnership as a way to increase the distribution of products by tapping into Magister’s dealer network, as indicated on the Magister news release. Smith states, “We are a young company. Magister’s connections into the PT and ATC markets help us take that next step forward.”

[Source: Magister Corporation]