As a nod to the expanding field of hip specialists, the Joint Preserving and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Hip Symposium with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) recently provided a platform to gather international experts in hip surgery to share a comprehensive overview of recent advances and trends in treating a range of hip disorders. 

Edwin Su, MD, orthopedic surgeon in the adult reconstruction and joint replacement service at HSS, New York City, NY, calls the meeting a, “comprehensive look at a wide spectrum of hip disorders, from conditions that affect children, to things that affect adolescents and young athletes. Going all the way up the spectrum to arthritis and degenerative conditions,” Su says.

According to an HSS news release, a number have academic centers have started to open specialized hip centers, allowing physicians to provide a continuum of care for various hip conditions that impact individuals of varying ages. HSS notes that the symposium has been held nine times since the year 2001, with this recent meeting seeing a collaborative effort between HSS and the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. 

Su reports that the “international collaboration…is a collaborative effort between two academic centers who have a number of hip specialists and have frequent discussions about these conditions.”

The release also notes that selected research from the summit appears in the September issue of the HSS Journal, the Musculoskeletal Journal of Hospital for Special Surgery. Read one of the studies, reportedly free of charge through December 1, 2012 here.

Source: HHS