September 25, 2007

A conference designed to explore the latest concepts in work injury management, Functional Fitness for Duty II, is scheduled for October 26-27 in Chicago, and is sponsored by DSI Work Solutions Inc, with Dennis and Susan Isernhagen.

Organizers of the event report the multidisciplinary conference will host nationally recognized speakers that include the following: Dr Sherman and Dr Toeppen-Sprigg, Goodyear; Manny Kiesser, Disneyland Resort; the WeatherShield team, Dr William Shaw of Liberty Mutual Research Center; and Dr Len Matheson.

Also scheduled to appear are nationally recognized therapists in occupational health Scott Ege, Curt DeWeese, Ginnie Halling, Libby McCoy, Nancy Bellendorf, Sue and Dennis Isernhagen.

Information about the conference is available by contacting Sue Isernhagen at (218) 625-1051 or  via e-mail: [email protected].

Source: DSI Work Solutions, Inc.