Beginning in May, all new Q-Logic 3 Advanced drive controls manufactured by Quantum Rehab will include four new features. A firmware update is available for existing drive controls.

According to the company, these features are: infrared remote-control capabilities, allowing such household appliances as TVs, lighting, and ceiling fans to be operated through the power chair electronics when programmed accordingly; and a mouse dwell feature, which allows the mouse emulator to automatically switch from movement to clicks when positioned over a spot for an amount of time.

Additional features are: a programmable Awake feature, enabling the user to select the joystick or Mode button sequence that’s personally preferred to awaken the power chair; and the ability for all specialty controls to feature up to four programmable drive profiles.

“We’re dedicated to constantly innovating independence-inspiring complex rehab technologies,” says Megan Kutch, director of Quantum Product Marketing, in a company news release. “These additions to Q-Logic 3 reflect the wishes and needs of our consumer, and we’re excited that both existing and future Q-logic 3 users can benefit from them.”

[Source: Quantum Rehab]