A personal emergency response and telemonitoring solution engineered for older adults has been launched by BioSensics, Cambridge, Mass. According to a recent company news release, ActivePERS Fall Detection features patented and clinically validated automatic fall detection algorithms, developed with support from the National Institute of Health (NIH), and in collaboration with the University of Arizona Medical School and the Arizona Center on Aging.

The device also offers continuous monitoring of physical activity and compliance alerts (to indicate if the sensor is not being worn). The company notes in the release that it plans to add its patented and clinically validated “Fall Risk Assessment” technology to ActivePERS before the end of the year.

The ActivePERS technology is available through algorithm licensing or direct deployment of ActivePERS pendants designed to integrate with a range of remote monitoring platforms, including the 2net Hub. ActivePERS pendants are currently available through remote monitoring platforms offered by Care Technology Systems (ActiveCare Pendant) and Aventyn (Vitalbeat Platform).

For more information, visit www.biosensics.com

[Source: BioSensics]