Formed in January 2016, Advocates for American Disabled Individuals (AADI) seeks Arizona-residing individuals with disabilities who are experiencing discrimination or general hardships. The organization opens its doors to help them.

The organization’s goal is to increase awareness of the plight of individuals with disabilities when it comes to businesses throughout Arizona. Therefore, AADI encourages those with disabilities to step forward with their concerns so that the organization can help them, per a release from AADI.

Other goals for the organization to help Arizona residents with disabilities is to provide legal counsel, walkers, leg braces, lifts, electronic walking assistors, wheelchairs, transportation, assistance with medical bills, as well as ways to address other needs that may arise, the release continues.

“Individuals with disabilities need to be made aware of the services and benefits that are now available to them, and the work that is being done to obtain the equal opportunities they so justly deserve. All they have to do is reach out,” says Monique Tatum, the AADI public relations spokesperson, in the release.

For more information, visit Advocates for American Disabled Individuals.

[Source(s): Advocates for American Disabled Individuals, PR Newswire]