Recovr games are built to accommodate patients with a wide range of impairments, with each game play session recording analytic data designed to document the patient’s progress and compliance with their rehabilitation program. The “Duck Duck Punch” game can be customized to the patient’s level of impairment and its features provide visually engaging themes to encourage extended game play, according to Recovr’s website.

The game also offers automated reports, which are generated to document each patient session, whether in-clinic or in-home, and can be accessed by a therapist through the company’s web-based portal. Recovr adds on the site that it provides complete hardware and software gaming systems engineered to be easy to set up in clinics or homes.

Its visual interface is intended to provide the therapist with an intuitive set of controls to customize games to each patient’s needs. Recovr’s web-based portal features written and video guidelines for setup and effective us of its games in-clinic and in patients’ homes.

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Source: Recovr