TCARE Inc, an aging-in-place technology and data analytics provider, announces its partnership with Blooming Health Inc to proactively engage older adults and their family caregivers, and provide personalized support throughout their aging and caregiving journey. Blooming Health’s easy-to-use, scalable digital solution enables social and healthcare providers to meet older adults where they are: across multiple channels and languages, and in their own communities.

According to a 2020 report from AARP, there are an estimated 41.8 million caregivers in the United States. Of that, 89% are unpaid caregivers, either family or friends of the care recipient. Unpaid caregivers often report symptoms of burnout — strained physical and mental health due to elevated stress and lack of support.

The TCARE technology platform identifies the root cause of a caregiver’s burnout, based on its proprietary protocol. This protocol allows the digital solution, in collaboration with a Certified/Licensed Care Manager, to suggest the most effective tailored intervention specific to where that caregiver is in their own unique family circumstances and situations. TCARE then leverages its closed-looped curated referral system to provide referrals at the right time and place. By measuring the outcome of each intervention, TCARE calculates the clinical and financial ROI associated with each intervention. 

Blooming Health offers the leading remote engagement solution for aging service providers to engage older adults and their family caregivers in a personalized and targeted way, based on the individual’s self-reported needs and preferences. Older adults and caregivers can proactively connect with their providers in their preferred communication channel and language of choice. This in turn removes the technology and language barriers for them to receive the care they need throughout the aging journey. Additionally, Blooming Health’s platform enables the social and healthcare providers to collect longitudinal data on the individual’s needs and outcomes, coordinate care, and better manage their population’s health risks.

This commercial collaboration between TCARE Inc and Blooming Health brings together two innovative aging-in-place solutions providing maximum value to customers. This unparalleled experience for caregivers creates maximum family caregiver engagement, and drives family caregiver support forward.

“TCARE’s mission is to be the one-stop-shop for aging-in-place strategies for its enterprise partners. TCARE partners with impressive evidence-based solutions that provide effective engagement with proven aging-in-place outcomes,” said Ali Ahmadi, CEO of TCARE Inc. “Blooming Health’s impressive engagement platform is the most robust and effective solution we have seen. Therefore, it was a natural fit for a mutual partnership to help as many families as possible. Blooming Health’s technology coupled with TCARE allows us to outreach and engage with diverse elder populations and expand the mission of racial equity in our healthcare system.”

“Blooming Health’s core mission is to empower healthy aging-in-place by improving access to clinically proven social and healthcare interventions through the power of data and technology.” said Nima Roohi, CEO of Blooming Health. “That is why joining forces with TCARE makes so much sense. Through this partnership, we can help TCARE to provide its state-of-the-art caregiver services to millions of caregivers across the country.”

Together, TCARE and Blooming Health will continue to move towards the shared goal of empowering healthy aging-in-place by supporting caregivers at scale so they can focus on what matters most: taking care of themselves and their loved ones. Not only will this partnership scale up the positive impact on the quality of life for unpaid caregivers and their care recipients, but it will also help drive clinical and financial ROI for organizations looking to support their members and policyholders.

[Source(s): TCARE, PR Newswire]