safe-steopSafe Step Walk-In Tub Co., Nashville, Tenn, recently presented a donation of two therapeutic tubs to the Indianapolis-based families of three young girls with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) through its nationwide program Safe Step Cares. The company notes that the donation stems from a letter written by a family friend of one of the girls, Nathan Hand.

Virgil Harris, father of Jazmyne, aged 15 years old, started a foundation Jumpin’ for Jazz to tell the girl’s story, increase FA awareness, and raise funds to offset medical bills. After receiving Hand’s letter regarding Jazmyne and her father, Safe Step reports that it decided to help. However, Harris reportedly requested that the donation go instead to the Templeton family, who have two college-age daughters with FA and who, Templeton said, had a greater need for the tub. Safe Step notes that it then opted to donate a tub to each of the girls’ families, one for Harris and one for the Templetons.

Stuart Hall, Safe Step CFO, states that the company, “is pleased to be able to provide Jazmyne, Emily, and Amy more safety and comfort as they cope with the effects of this unforgiving disease.”

Harris articulated his gratefulness for the gift, adding, “I show my enthusiasm because Jazmyne will benefit, but I am so thankful that the Templetons got their tub as well.”

Paul Templeton, father of Amy and Emily, also voiced his appreciation of Harris and the donation by Safe Step.

Source: Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.