Quil, the digital health joint venture between Comcast and Independence Health Group, announces the limited commercial availability of Quil Assure, the company’s new connected home platform that helps seniors enjoy greater independence while exercising their preference for aging in place and strengthening support from family and friends serving as caregivers. 

Quil elected to issue the announcement during the ViVE 2022 conference in Miami, where CEO Carina Edwards spoke as part of a panel discussing “tech-enabled chronic-care anywhere.” Moderated by Steve Tolle of HLM Venture Partners, the panel includes Ravi Kuppuraj (Best Buy Health), Molly K. McCarthy (Microsoft for Healthcare), and Lisa Rometty (CVS Health).

The panel included remarks on the new Quil Assure platform alongside Quil Engage, the company’s existing platform for healthcare engagement that informs, guides, and activates patients in their care in partnership with their providers, payors, and loved ones.

Helps Deliver on Their Mission

The launch of Quil Assure brings Quil closer to delivering on the promise of its mission – to help people organize and navigate their health lives in partnership with their providers, health plans, and loved ones. With tens of thousands of people already using Quil Engage from the comfort of their homes, the introduction of Quil Assure expands Quil’s vision of leveraging the home as the healthy hub of living. 

“There is an acute market need for technology tools that support seniors and their caregivers that is growing exponentially. Today, there are 53 million Americans acting as an unpaid caregiver to a loved one, and the number of seniors in the U.S. is expected to double – to 95 million – over the next 40 years,” Edwards says. “I’m excited to empower this historically under-served market with a new connected home platform that informs, guides, and strengthens the care relationships between seniors and caregivers.”

The decision to accelerate the limited commercial release of Quil Assure follows a highly successful pilot phase, during which the company invited select seniors and their caregivers to utilize the platform. The overwhelmingly favorable response led to inquiries from both seniors and their caregivers seeking broader access to the platform. This strong demand prompted Quil to expedite the commercial launch of Quil Assure, followed by an expanded commercial rollout to the broader US consumer market this fall.

How it Functions

The Quil Assure platform functions by utilizing ambient sensors placed strategically around a senior’s living space. The Assure solution discreetly monitors daily routines and notifies a senior’s ‘Care Circle’ of any unusual developments. Seniors decide on their own how much or how little monitoring to allow, ensuring both independence and privacy. Through integration with smart watches and speakers, the Quil Assure app delivers real-time wellness data about a care recipient to their Care Circle and activates safety protocols when needed. This monitoring and real-time data keeps care recipients in control of their Care Circle while providing broader peace of mind for all.

“Quil Assure has given me my independence and privacy at home so I no longer have to field repeated unnecessary check-ins from members of my family,” says one satisfied senior who successfully tested the product in the pilot phase. “Now, instead of repeatedly confirming that I’m OK or have taken my meds, I can enjoy more independence without having my family constantly worrying about my well-being.”  

“Until the launch of Quil Assure, consumer health platforms have failed to deliver ambient experiences that empower seniors to stay in their homes, often resulting in costly moves to assisted living facilities and other communal settings while leaving caregivers ill-equipped to help their aging loved ones,” Edwards adds. “We are reimagining the aging-at-home experience while strengthening the relationship between seniors and their caregivers.”  

[Source(s): Quil Health, PR Newswire]