maddak-openerA universal opener designed to offer arthritis patients and others with hand limitations leverage to open most packaged food items is available through Maddak Inc. The All-Out Universal Opener requires little or no gripping strength, according to Maddak. The multifunctional tool’s handrest is similar to a computer mouse and distributes the pressure on the hand to reduce pain and cramping.

The product’s T-shaped handle allows the user to use the device with little or no gripping strength. The All-Out Universal Opener features a blunt V-shaped prong engineered to separate the glue-sealed flaps on pasta, cereal, and other dry food boxes. It also features a hook to lift pull-tabs on cans and to puncture through cellophane sealed food trays. Users may also benefit from the product’s twist off bottle cap opener and slotted “church key” opener for non-twist off bottle caps.

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[Source: Maddak Inc]