New from OPTP, Minneapolis, is the Joint Distractor, which is designed to enable physical therapists, athletic trainers, or fitness trainers to perform complete isodynamic joint distraction on the upper or lower extremities.

The Joint Distractor features a hook-and-loop strap for the wrist or ankle, as well as an anchor that is designed to fasten the strap to a doorframe or a solid object. Three 18-inch cords provide medium resistance and are removable for greater range of motion.

When incorporated into a regular routine, the Joint Distractor works to help joints function freely in all directions, promoting full and pain-free movement, according to a media release from OPTP.

Benefits, per the release, include: postoperative joint therapy and rehabilitation; osteoarthritis aid for the knee, hip, or ankle; post-ankle sprain rehabilitation; restoration of scar tissue from injury; and assistance for those with lumbar radiculopathy.

For more information, visit OPTP.

[Source: OPTP]