Tobii Dynavox unveils TD Pilot, a medically certified communication device for people with disabilities. With the release of iPadOS 15, TD Pilot brings Tobii’s eye tracking technology to iPad, enabling people to control the device with their eyes, the company notes in a media release.

TD Pilot empowers people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, ALS and spinal cord injury to have a voice of their own, live more independently and experience iPad using only their eyes. This eye gaze-enabled communication device for Apple’s iPadOS features tailor-made hardware, software and extensive service and support for people with communication disabilities.

TD Pilot provides native integration of eye tracking in iPadOS and it is an authorized Made for iPad accessory that has been certified to meet Apple performance standards. As a medically certified device, TD Pilot can be prescribed by specialists and delivered through insurance systems worldwide.

“We are immensely proud to launch TD Pilot, a life-changing communication solution that empowers people with disabilities to live their fullest lives. TD Pilot offers customers a medically certified, eye-controlled communication device for iPad. By bringing our world-leading eye tracking technology to iPad, we have created a powerful and easy-to-use solution to support our customers’ needs.”

— Fredrik Ruben, Tobii Dynavox CEO

“We are excited that people who need this technology will have the opportunity to control iPad using just their eyes. At Apple, we build foundational technology, including support for eye tracking, into our operating systems to make them accessible, and we’re thrilled that Tobii Dynavox’s TD Pilot is leveraging that to enable people with disabilities to pursue their passions.”

— Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives

“Over the last ten years, Team Gleason has worked with leaders in the technology industry for greater access and inclusion for people living with ALS and other disabilities. The release of TD Pilot by Tobii Dynavox and Apple is a significant turning point for accessibility. So many people that need eye tracking technology are forced to abandon their native technology.

“Now, these two companies have integrated eye tracking technology into an iPad, which is a real game-changer. Team Gleason is committed to improving the lives of people living with ALS by delivering innovative technology, and we are eager to get this product out in the ALS community.”

— Blair Casey, Chief Impact Officer of charitable non-profit organization Team Gleason

TD Pilot Features

The hardware and software innovations TD Pilot aim in to improve quality of life and provide an intuitive experience for the individuals who use it:

•    provides outdoor eye tracking even in bright sunlight;
•    supports purpose-built software, like the new app TD Talk, which generates natural-sounding speech using your eyes. It also supports TD Snap, the industry leading platform offering a choice of symbol-supported solutions to facilitate communication and learning;
•    offers the Partner Window, a second screen on the back of the device mirroring phrases entered by the communicator, for more natural face-to-face conversation; and
•    includes powerful speakers, extended battery, ultra-rugged design, wheelchair mounting and other integrated bespoke accessibility features

[Source(s): Tobii AB, PR Newswire]