The VA Rehabilitation Research & Development funded Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology (CfNN) has purchased a second BIONIK InMotion ARM/HAND Interactive Therapy System, following its first purchase in 2018, to develop and test new approaches for restoring the physical function of veterans with neurologic disease or injury, BIONIK Labs reports.

As part of CfNN’s focus area on restoring communication and mobility, CfNN is working with one of its academic hospital partners, Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, to develop and test a next-generation system for the rehabilitation of arm and hand function. Capitalizing on CfNN, MGH, and Brown University’s long history in brain-computer interface research and development as part of the BrainGate consortium, the team is now working on a powerful EEG interface to learn more about stroke recovery and promoting more rapid restoration of arm and hand function after stroke, a media release from Toronto and Boston-based BIONIK Laboratories Corp explains.

InMotion robotic systems are engineered to help stroke survivors and those with other neurological conditions regain arm and hand movement by training shoulder protraction/retraction, flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation, elbow flexion/extension and hand grasp/release. InMotion robotic therapy guides the patient through specific tasks, aiming to improve motor control of the arm and hand by increasing strength, range of motion and coordination, and assisting with the provision of efficient, effective, intensive sensorimotor therapy.

“The InMotion ARM/HAND Interactive Therapy System, use of which is already part of the VA’s stroke rehabilitation guidelines for moderate to severe patients with upper extremity disability, is also a valuable research tool.

“We are thrilled that Providence VA Medical Center and its collaborators have acquired again a new system and we are looking forward to working with them to explore the frontiers of neurorestoration science.”

— Dr Eric Dusseux, CEO, BIONIK

[Source(s): BIONIK Laboratories Inc, Business Wire]

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