PAINWeek 2008 begins September 3, when hundreds of health care professionals and practitioners plan to convene in Las Vegas for the annual 5-day conference to discuss technologies, techniques, methods, and medications for treating pain.

The meeting is packed with 100-plus sessions, such as continuing medical education, satellite symposia, and special-interest forums, and features some of the nation’s key opinion leaders in pain.

The event provides a forum with a focus on the clinician in medical practice—instead of trials and theories. More than a dozen professional pain organizations are participating, 30-plus exhibitors will be present, and more than 40 scientific abstract posters will be on display.

PAINWeek’s participants represent a wide variety of professional disciplines: primary care, rheumatology, and neurology, psychiatry and psychology, dentistry and discography, pharmacology and physical therapy, hypnosis and humor, chiropractic and acupuncture, migraine and myofascial pain, birthing and back pain, and more. The cooperation and exchange of ideas will ultimately benefit one of the country’s most underdiagnosed and undertreated patient populations: people in pain.

The conference also plans sessions on poststroke pain.

[Source: Newswise]