Results from a recent study suggest that the MyoPro powered upper extremity orthosis, manufactured by Myomo Inc, helped significantly reduce upper extremity impairment among post-stroke patients.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University School of Medicine, was published recently in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

“This study was conducted on 18 chronic stroke participants with moderate post-stroke upper extremity hemiparesis and studied use of the MyoPro powered orthosis. The subjects were tested to evaluate the degree of impairment and function without the MyoPro and compare it with impairment while wearing the device. A standardized measurement tool was used (the Fugl-Meyer Impairment Scale (FM) as well as observing functional tasks.

The results show a clinically significant instantaneous reduction in arm and hand impairment and statistically significant improvements in a range of functional tasks and significant increases in ability for feeding and drinking. The subjects showed significant decreases in time taken to grasp a cup and increased gross manual dexterity while wearing the MyoPro. These changes exceeded the FM’s clinically important difference threshold,” the study explains, per a media release from Cambridge, Mass-based Myomo Inc.

“What we found was across the board with these 18 subjects, when they wore the MyoPro, their outcomes, their movements, were significantly better,” states Dr Steven Page, Ohio State University College of Medicine Stroke Center Researcher, in the release.

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]