Neofect announces the launch of its new app, Neofect Connect, developed to deliver customized exercises, educational tools, and motivation to guide patients at home as they work to regain the use of their hands and arms after experiencing a stroke.

The app provides reminders, daily exercises, and educational resources to help patients recovering from stroke stay engaged with their rehabilitation. For current users of Neofect’s Smart Rehabilitation Solutions — including the Neofect Smart Glove, the Neofect Smart Board, and the Neofect Smart Kids — the app also serves as a library to store and access activity summaries and progress reports, according to Neofect in a media release.

“Neofect Connect is designed to support, inspire, and empower stroke survivors through rehabilitation at home. Rehabilitation is a time-consuming and tedious process, and it can be hard for patients to stay motivated, especially without the benefit of in-person therapy. Connect is meant to help patients establish regular rehabilitation practices and reinforce lifelong behavioral changes that are essential to their health and wellness.”

— Scott Kim, co-founder and CEO of Neofect USA

The app first walks users through a detailed stroke evaluation to determine the affected side and user mobility, then encourages them to set goals that serve as the foundation for recommended exercises and educational resources.

With a user’s needs and ability level in mind, Connect then suggests daily activities — such as using a toothbrush with the affected hand, writing a name five times, or trying to operate scissors without assistance — best suited for their recovery. Most importantly, Connect sends users daily reminders and push notifications so that patients never miss an exercise and maintain an active rehabilitation schedule, the release continues.

“Consistency is critical to recovery,” Kim adds. “Connect keeps daily exercises and rehabilitation top of mind, so stroke survivors don’t miss a session and derail their progress.”

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Connect also delivers educational materials and videos developed by Neofect’s licensed therapists to prepare patients for what to expect during rehabilitation. It offers advice, inspirational messages, and tips to establish better lifestyle habits, boost mental health, and improve a user’s overall well-being. Additionally, a diary function enables users to log personal notes about their activities and achievements.

Connect is now available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

[Source(s): Neofect, Business Wire]