The Woburn, Mass-based JP Reynolds Research Center has been established with the aim to transfer PixarBio Corporation’s neurological research toward market.

According to a media release from PixarBio Corporation, developer of the NeuroRelease pain treatment, the research center will focus on R&D products including neuroscaffolds and injectable neuroscaffolds for acute and chronic spinal cord injury (SCI), epilepsy drug delivery systems, NeuroRelease three-day sprinkle-on powder for incisional pain, NeuroRelease 90-day chronic pain treatment, and novel Hydrogel/steroid non-opiate pain treatments across timelines.

“Neuroscience is the unknown frontier in medicine, but our skillsets and patents are leading us to take on the most challenging neurological diseases in new ways, with success in our labs it’s time to drive spinal cord and epilepsy product toward market. You can never have too many spinal cord injury inventions, so we’ll use the JP Reynolds Research center to continue to lead the SCI R&D space,” explains PixarBio CEO Frank Reynolds, in the release.

[Source(s): PixarBio Corporation, Business Wire]