Numotion announces the launch of the Numotion Foundation, whose mission is to support people and causes that work toward enhancing the lives of people with disabilities in communities of common interest.

Numotion will donate a portion of the profits from each new wheelchair sold to the Foundation.

In addition, Numotion will engage employees and supporters to donate funds and provide a centralized, coordinated and compliant structure for distributions on behalf of Numotion to relevant charitable organizations and programs.

“We are incredibly proud to establish the Numotion Foundation. It is our hope that through the Foundation’s efforts we can help to further enhance the great work that so many of our long-standing partners are doing to improve the lives of those with disabilities,” says Mike Swinford, CEO of Brentwood, Tenn-based Numotion, in a media release.

The Numotion Foundation will foster relationships with other 501(c)(3) organizations, such as the ALS Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, United Spinal Association, and other similar national organizations, as well as smaller, more localized charities, to raise awareness for the needs of individuals with mobility disabilities. Through the Foundation’s charitable giving, partner organizations will fund research, advocacy, and other necessary support services, per the release.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests, regardless of a mobility disability. The Foundation aims to break down barriers and partner with those who can provide the support and services needed to make everyone independently mobile,” states Bob Gouy, member of the Numotion Foundation Board of Directors.

Justin Richardson, Director of Advocacy Strategy for Numotion, will also serve as the Executive Director of the Numotion Foundation.

For more information, visit Numotion.

[Source: Numotion]