Developed by Germany-based HASOMED, RehaCom provides computer-based rehabilitation for patients with cognitive impairments.

Via an exclusive distributorship agreement with Pearson, the solution is now available to occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, and speech-language therapists in the United States.

RehaPub is designed for patients experiencing cognitive impairment due to such illnesses or diseases as traumatic brain injury or degenerative ailments. It features more than 20 patient-tailored modules that patients can work through to help improve their cognitive function and compensatory skills in attention, memory, executive functions, and visual, according to a media release from Pearson.

Additional features include the ability to track and monitor patient progress and gains across a wide variety of cognitive domains, and the ability to customize settings and workflow. As well, reports can be provided in either a simple or more detailed way for analysis, according to the company on its website.

[Source(s): PRWeb, Pearson]