The FlexSled ice hockey sled is marketed in multiple colors, designs, and models that include double amputee, single leg, non-amputee, and athlete assist. According to a news release from the company of the same name, the product features a patented flex technology built to reduce impact force when two sleds collide or when a sled collides with the dasher boards.

The FlexSled is created and manufactured in the United States and also aims to address the incidence of a “T-bone,” in which one player checks another in an irregular manner. The product is intended to decrease a portion of this impact by absorbing the kinetic energy within the spring frame, and then releasing the energy with a slow recoil.

The release notes that the FlexSled is customizable for all athletes and its flex technology can be modified based upon the weight and size of the player.

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[Source: FlexSled]