OPTP has published an exclusive new wellness book by occupational therapist Angela Kneale. Ball Rolling for Happy, Healthy Hands – Essential Self-Care for Health and Relaxation marks the eighth book from the author.

The book introduces an enjoyable and accessible method for providing self-care for our overused hands. Its exercises are designed to rejuvenate and restore the power of our hands, one of our most valuable everyday tools.

Readers will discover educational content as well as a comprehensive plan that integrates the use of OPTP’s Small Health Balls, therapy balls built for massaging hands, arms, and shoulders to relieve tension and hydrate fascia.

The 25 movements featured in Kneale’s book can be performed anywhere with ease, and their focus goes beyond just caring for the hands. Additional benefits include: improved awareness of ergonomics; healthier posture and positioning; better breathing; stress relief; whole body benefits; and enhanced relaxation.

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[Source(s): OPTP]