Motion exercise for people with physical limitations

Motion exercise for people with physical limitations. (Photo courtesy of Biodex)

Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Shirley, NY, announces that the medBike is now part of its family of Balance and Mobility physical medicine devices.

The medBike motion trainer and cardiovascular exercise provider is designed to be used comfortably from any chair—even a wheelchair—by persons with physical limitations who may be unable to tolerate standing or are too weak to pedal on their own.

“It has been shown that motion training is highly effective in assisting neurologic rehabilitation, which is why we are excited to add the medBike to our family of devices,” states Don Gronachan, vice president, physical medicine sales, at Biodex. “The medBike gives people at any stage of neurorehabilitation the opportunity to exercise, providing different levels of assistance to meet their needs.”

The medBike offers three modes of operation, which can be personalized by the user to provide an individualized workout: active mode, which relies on user input strength; passive mode, which provides motorized movement output; and pedal-assisted mode, which combines user strength input and motorized output, explains a company news release.

Another feature is the Continuous Control System, which works with the pedal-assisted mode to measure the strength of the user’s input, and assists with the rotational movement to meet the selected setting if the user is unable to do so. This way, the Continuous Control System helps create safe exercise conditions by not overstraining the user’s lower- and upper-leg muscles.

In addition, according to the release, medBike can integrate with any Android device through a mobile app, enabling therapists to control and monitor up to eight medBikes remotely and for exercise performance to be stored or shared via email.

For more information, visit Biodex.

[Source: Biodex]