The International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) 16th annual Active Aging Week, which aims to celebrate aging and active living, is scheduled to take place September 23 to 29 in various locations across North America and Australia.

During the week, various neighborhood groups, health and fitness clubs, parks and recreation sites, senior centers, and senior living communities will host activities to encourage fun, friendship, and positive perceptions of aging.

Active Aging Week events are typically organized and sponsored by local organizations, with advice, communications, marketing and programming support provided by ICAA and the campaign’s national sponsors.

The event is part of ICAA’s mission to help adults aged 50 and above to achieve full, vibrant living in all dimensions of life. Its theme for 2018, “Inspiring Wellness,” was chosen to promote wellness as an invigorating lifestyle for all who embrace it, according to a media release from ICAA.

“Active Aging Week inspires wellness by encouraging people to participate as fully in life as possible at any age, regardless of health conditions,” shares Colin Milner, ICAA’s founder and CEO, in the release.

“We created Active Aging Week as a time for people to get together and enjoy fun, positive life experiences, and maybe even adopt new activities on a longer-term basis. The campaign also spreads the message that aging should be embraced and celebrated, and showcases people who are doing so,” he adds.

Those who wish to participate in Active Aging Week should check with their local organizations to see what’s planned. For more information, or to find out how to host an event, visit Active Aging Week.

[Source(s): International Council on Active Aging, PRWeb]