Two companies that market software solutions for the healthcare industry have merged. Recently, MediServe, based in Chandler, Ariz, announced its acquisition of SpectraSoft, also headquartered in Chandler.

MediServe and SpectraSoft, who were long standing technology partners prior to the acquisition, will merge their resources, which include SpectraSoft’s scheduling software and team of 18 employees who will be integrated into the existing MediServe organization.

“SpectraSoft is a strong, reputable company that is a proven leader in healthcare related scheduling,” Bill Dyer, president and CEO of MediServe says. “More than 4,500 hospitals, clinics, and businesses rely on its products…we’re excited to unite our efforts and visions of providing optimal solutions to the industry.”

SpectraSoft’s scheduling software, which includes the AppointmentsPRO series and DocuPRO programs, are designed to simplify complex patient scheduling. The company also provides software for personalized regime for at-home therapy called Home Exercise.

MediServe provides software and services tailored to rehabilitation and respiratory care communities.

Source: MediServe