Boston-based PatientPing announces the nationwide expansion of its “Stories” offering to help emergency department providers and case managers improve care within the emergency and inpatient setting.

These Stories, comprised of real-time patient clinical and administrative context at the point of care, contain a patients’ in-and out-of-network visit and utilization history, diagnosis data, prescription histories, care team contact information, care guidelines, and program affiliation.

Stories are pushed directly into hospital EHR workflows in real time, and are also available via web application, text, email, and more. Intelligent flags indicate high-utilizing and high-risk patients, those at risk for readmission, as well as those with recent post-acute utilization. Stories have been available to hospital and emergency department providers in Massachusetts since early 2017 and are now being expanded to providers across the country, explains a media release from PatientPing.

“We are so proud to be expanding our Stories product offering to providers across the country,” says Jay Desai, co-founder & CEO, PatientPing, in the release. “We’re bringing together disparate information—from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies to community providers—to help case managers and ED providers get the full patient’s Story right upon presentation.”

“In doing so, we’re putting providers in a better position to identify clinically complex patients as well as those displaying signs of potential dependency and to treat them more effectively and improve outcomes.”

[Source(s): PatientPing, PR Newswire]