Myndshft Technologies, a provider of integrated real-time benefits check and prior authorization technology for post-acute care providers, announces the availability of Myndview, a web application which offers the same real-time medical benefits check and electronic prior authorization solutions that are currently available through Myndshft API integrations.

Post-acute care providers continue to be faced with growing demands to provide accurate and detailed benefits coverage and out-of-pocket costs at the point of care to patients. Myndshft’s solutions and advanced technologies enable providers to tackle these challenges by improving transparency and accelerating time to care, according to a media release from the Mesa, Ariz-based company.

New and Enhanced Features

Among the new and enhanced features included in Myndview are:

  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification – instant verification of patient benefits and eligibility for the service/treatment they are trying to obtain for over 93% of covered lives.
  • Coordination of Benefits – automated primary coverage determination and ordering of payers when a patient has multiple health plans.
  • Batch Eligibility – processing thousands of patients simultaneously and efficiently with minimal effort to confirm current eligibility.
  • Patient Financial Responsibility – calculate the amount a patient owes at the time of service, taking into account their deductible and coverage information and provider network status.
  • Prior Authorization Determination – confirm a Prior Authorization is required for patients based upon the patient’s service, coverage and other industry specific factors. This response will also include supporting Prior Authorization information and documentation.

“The Myndview application is the fastest way for post-acute care providers to get the information they need with the least amount of effort. The addition of Myndview supports our purpose of freeing people up to focus on the work that matters.”

— Ron Wince, Founder and CEO of Myndshft.

To request a free trial, visit Myndshft.

[Source(s): Myndshft, PR Newswire]