A webinar offered through the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) outlines “the basics of back supports” and their key role as part of the seating system. The NRRTS website notes that the intermediate “Back it Up! Basics of Back Supports” course focuses on a variety of questions that should be asked when prescribing back supports, including what kind of postural issues a client may have that led to the consideration of prescribing a back support, and how does pelvic stability and position impact the client’s spine. Additional considerations include how to determine the features in a back support that will be most beneficial to help the client improve postural alignment, stability, skin protection, comfort, and function.

The course is slated from November 11 from 5 pm to 7 pm PST.

With a range of mediums, from upholstery, to modular, and custom, back supports offer variations within each “category” of support, the site says, and often a blend of styles and features are used in a single prescription. The site also states that a back support’s height, contour, weight, adjustability, and cosmetic appearance all combine to impact how a client will be supported, how they will function, and how they will feel.

Brenlee Mogul-Rotman, OT, Reg (Ont), ATP/SMS, is scheduled to present the course. Mogul-Rotman owns a private practice in the Toronto area where she provides assessment and treatment to a range of client populations. Mogul-Rotman also has a special interest in both spinal cord-injured clients, as well as seating and mobility in general, according to the site. She is a member of the Professional Standards Board of RESNA and has presented internationally on several topics linked to seating and mobility.

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[Source: NRRTS]