On the surface, a hospital’s various therapy settings, such as outpatient therapy and acute care rehab, have drastically different approaches, goals, and requirements. However, when we look a bit deeper, we find that these settings share a myriad of similar pain points that can be addressed and improved upon together to generate significant improvements across the board. How can a hospital therapy department effectively enhance operations across multiple settings?

By taking a holistic approach, we’ve identified the following opportunities for hospital therapy departments to adopt operational best practices that positively impact multiple therapy settings simultaneously. Implementing these impactful solutions will maximize gains in productivity, outcomes, communication, and more across the board for your hospital’s therapy departments.

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  • Create consistency to improve therapist productivity
  • Promote continuity of care throughout the patient journey
  • Ensure access to relevant data and reporting across all therapy settings
  • Facilitate communication between therapists and therapy departments
  • Define and enhance consistent patient outcomes