In the culture of clinicians, Ann Eubank points out in her latest blog post that it can be a challenge to put aside an active cultural lens in order to remain therapeutic; it requires self-awareness and the ability to meet patients where they are. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Accommodating the productivity goals of the current clinical world is certainly key, “if you have the ability to put your lens away,” Eubank says. In a healthcare system “where the professional is the expert and the patient is the passive recipient of services or treatment,” the more aware clinicians are of their personal cultural lens, power, and privilege, the more likely they are to develop the ability to leave their lens at home and remain therapeutically effective for patients.

As vice president of Community Initiatives for the grassroots movement UsersFirst, an organization that aims to increase patients’ access to wheelchairs that increase independence and community access, Eubank is no stranger to the concept of needing to meet the consumer where they are and serving as their advocate for improved quality of life.

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Source: Rehab Management