Neglect is the swiftest way to starve and smother a good idea. In this week’s post, Ann Eubank urges therapists to instead nurture their ideas and their potential to burgeon into a force that may ultimately improve someone else’s life. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Eubank provides therapists with a comprehensive list of ideas that find their roots in advocacy, such as suggesting a new platform or improving an existing one, or starting a program that cultivates private sources to fund mobility devices. In addition, Eubank asks therapists to consider what types of jobs individuals affected by a disability might uniquely add value in and calls on readers to let their mental blueprint “off the front porch” by designing a wheelchair accessory that could create a legacy.

As “idea people” by profession, Eubank says, partnering with an individual who can contribute to their own skill or resources can allow therapists to “unleash those ideas and allow them to thrive.”


[Source: Rehab Management]