Ann Eubank’s most recent blog post reminds clinicians that disappointment is the cousin of courage, providing a clearer focus on what it takes to achieve success in the face of intimidating opposition. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

As vice president of Community Initiatives for the grassroots movement UsersFirst and a nationally recognized advocate for mobility users, Eubank can attest to the courage it takes to confront legislators in Washington, DC, despite the risk of disappointment.

While disappointment is an inevitable force and an undesirable product of failure, it can be overcome while also shedding light on the causes behind that failure.

“The beauty of disappointment may be that, with our heightened emotions, we have the opportunity to focus on what failed. The causes of failure are as important as the reasons for success,” Eubank points out.

Complaining about management with co-workers brings apathy, opens the gate for resentment into the workplace, reinforces a way to hide, and ultimately produces nothing, Eubank adds.

The choice then remains: allowing disappointments to linger and impact ambition or use them to forge a highly focused investigation into the failure, learning, and growing from it.

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[Source: Rehab Management]