Clinicians choose to be clinicians to help fellow humans, to make the world a better place. So let’s roll up our sleeves, take a breath and get to it.

I look forward to sharing a weekly blog “From the Roots.”

As an occupational therapist, I was restless working within a system that appeared to be broken. I felt I would spontaneously combust if I had to tell one more client or family ”I know it’s not the ideal situation, but it’s the most your insurance company will approve.”

I witnessed healthy, motivated individuals receive less than average mobility equipment, denying them the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

I thought the status quo was worth changing. I earned my social work degree focusing on the community of people with disabilities, started a nonprofit as an empowerment model focusing on increasing access to good wheelchairs.

Now I am communicating with you to bring relevant and interesting weekly content to you. Information you can use immediately.

Let’s see what’s worth changing.

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