Whether it is employing those in power to empower others in the workplace, “dancing with the demons,” or encouraging clinicians to find a way to lead not manage, Ann Eubank shares her insight and speaks “From the Roots.” The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Each week Eubank, a nationally recognized advocate for mobility device users, calls on clinicians to step away from mediocrity and embrace the creativity that exists on the edge of our safety zones. Abandoning the familiar and old ways that no longer serve us is the first step toward a new and improved version of ourselves, Eubank points out.

In a healthcare landscape where the status quo is favored and in which a facility’s operations may mirror that of a factory, Eubank asks readers to challenge conformity and use disappointment to better carve out a path for success in clinician and patient alike.

Read Eubank’s most current blog posts, as well as the comments clinicians have made in response to those posts here, and share your insight!


[Source: Rehab Management]