Zippie TS

Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, has made the Zippie pediatric wheelchair portfolio easier to order with standardized options and with market driven-features. Some of the new options include a foot release on the folding or rigid Zippie TS, a hub-lock, and many updates to the Zippie IRIS.

The Zippie product line offers mobility solutions ranging from folding to rigid, and from tilt to rotation-in-space technology. Users may integrate custom seating systems to create the perfect pediatric solution. Sunrise says that streamlining efficiencies by ordering the chair and its custom seating solution from one manufacturer can save time and money.

The standard Tilt Actuator options on Zippie TS now include a foot release system that helps eliminate interference and hand triggers. Zippie TS now offers the cable management system, which keeps cables from interfering—a useful option for individuals who prefer the standard hand release trigger option.

The newly upgraded Zippie IRIS features the rotation-in-space design, providing a smaller rotational arc ideally matching the pediatric user’s center of gravity. The IRIS now offers multiple tilt ranges (55o or 40o), swing-in/swing-out hangers, and user-friendly adjustments.


Zippie IRIS

Hub locks, angle adjustable push handles, colorful spoke guards, and fun colors, including Glow in the Dark and Root Beer, are now available options on all Zippie chairs.

With a streamlined portfolio option mix, consistent order form options and layout, detailed specifications, and configurator alignment, ordering a Zippie chair is predictable and reliable, says Sunrise. And, the new configurated seat-to-floor height selections on the Zippie TS and IRIS eliminate nonconforming options up front.

Sunrise Medical designs and manufactures medical products that address the recovery and rehabilitation mobility and seating needs of patients in institutional and home care settings. Its products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

[Source: Sunrise Medical]