The Stimulite honeycomb seat cushion technology, made available through the San Jose, Calif-based company Supracor, was recently recognized by the aviation industry for innovation in passenger comfort, a news release reports. The product is a soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb, featuring “memory” that adjusts to accommodate each individual passenger. The Stimulite is designed to provide users with uniform weight distribution and ventilation. 

The seat cushion technology initially focused on wheelchair users and was engineered to meet their need for a high-performance material that allowed users comfort while assisting in the prevention of pressure sores.

The release notes Stimulite promotes circulation through its “footprint” of the cells’ edges, which flex and massage the body in order to alleviate discomfort during long flights. The product is reported to be the US military’s specified cushion for the F-18 Hornet fighter jets and multiple types of rotorcraft, including the H60 Black Hawk helicopter and V22 Osprey. According to Supracor, lightweight Stimulite mattresses are also commercially featured in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 long range aircraft crew rest.

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Source: Supracor